Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Work Continues

Taking time to make a post. There is still lots to take care of, but it all seems to be coming together. Cleaning starts today. Tables are up and being set for the crowd on Friday. Did I mention that there will be 35 here for dinner?

With any amount more than a dozen, you have to improvise. Thank heaven I can mix and match my dishes and extras to help make the setting fit the celebration. Mike made small versions of wooden reindeer for our table decorations, I then added pine cones and candles. When you have to mix and match everything you need to use for such a crowd, it's a challenge. Trying to stay away from paper and plastic for easy clean up is also a challenge. I purchased several yards of white muslin (while on sale at JoAnn's) for a base covering for the tables. Will do the same next year and make reusable napkins. Yards of burlap in two colors of green, were recycled for added coverings. I cut it into squares and fringed the edges.

We have tried to make our unfinished basement into a festive setting for our dinner. (My hope is that next year this section of the basement will be finished.)

I made ornaments for each, that also is a "place card". Gingerbread men for the kids, paper wreaths for the guys, and tinseled balls for the ladies.

A tree sits on an old trunk, lit up with clear lights and icicles. Various strands of Christmas lights are strung across the ceiling.

More as Christmas draws closer.


  1. beautiful Madeline! Such talent and energy!!
    Merry Christmas to you!


  2. Thanks Cindy, it's been fun sharing my preparations for the holiday season with everyone out there. I wish more would have left comments. I would love to hear what others are thinking. I understand some are having problems posting here, but facebook friends can leave comments on the facebook page under the post.

    Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year!