Thursday, August 27, 2015

Deflecto Challenge with Designer Craft Connection

So what becomes of a Stackable 4-drawer cube (#350301CR), a black border 5" x 7" acrylic craft frame (#69675CR) and an Interior Image® sign holder nameplate (#89105) when given a challenge to transform them?

These three items, plus one other Deflecto product, became an entire set of accessories for a granddaughter's desk.

Beginning with the Stackable cube, I used Ann Butler's Iridescent Emerald Paint, by Earth Safe Finishes, and sponged the paint onto the cube on all sides.  Once the paint was completely dry I ran two coordinating rows of washi tape along the edges of the four corners.  The cube was finished off by gluing mini white rick-rack around the front and back edges.

Next comes the black border 5 x 7 frame.  Using a Deflecto craft magnet sheet, cut it to fit just inside the black border of the frame.  Use a thick tacky glue to hold in place.  Place a heavy book over the sheet and allow to dry completely.  Using one of the coordinating tapes, run it along the center of each of the four outer black area of the frame.  Glue mini white rick-rack down the center of the tape. The corners are embellished with little felt, die-cut flowers and leaves.  More tiny flowers of another color are made and glued onto small, round magnets.

The biggest challenge was what to make with the sign holder name plate.  Why not make it into a special name plate for a special little girl!  The metal edges of the holder were painted with the same iridescent paint as the cube.  Glue a strip of mini white rick-rack down the center of the two metal edges..  Cut a piece of decorative paper to fit the holder.  Use die-cut letters from felt for a name; glue to the center of background paper.  Cut several flowers and leaves from felt.  Arrange them as desired to cover the black plastic part of the name holder.  NOTE: I created a stand for the name holder from a thick piece of cardboard and attached it to the holder.

An extra desk accessory was added to the set by using the Deflecto Black Pencil Cup with Border Frames (#35004)  Using the same washi tapes from the other items, alternate the tapes all around the holder.  Use the wider tape around d the inner frames.  Finish off with mini white rick-rack as shown in the photo.  All the pieces were made to coordinate with the "new" refashioned desk for one of my own granddaughters.

NOTE: All of these items can be found on Amazon and some other online retailers.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

...So Just like that, Summer fell into Fall...

    I smell Autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.

Only one week left to the month of August.  Many schools are back in session.  The final holiday of the summer season is quickly approaching.  The sun is setting a bit earlier and the nights are getting cooler.  Autumn is coming  - like it or not!  This has always been my favorite season and it will never change.  There are personal things that have taken place during this season that should maybe affect me, but I won't let that happen.

It's been some time since I last wrote a blog post just because I wanted to say something and this will be one!

Some favorite things to enjoy about the time is my fondness for baking.  Yesterday it began with a new recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread.  Made with zucchini from my son's garden, this recipe will be a "keeper" for sure.

Having decided to not deal with plants this summer, for some reason when I see pots of mums I can't refuse them.

It won't be long before we could be seeing some signs of autumn that I enjoy the most, which is the changing of colors.  Watching the leaves change from greens to an array of vibrant colors is truly amazing.  While playing around with some of Makin's Clay colors that I had on hand, I created some lovely leaves of my own before nature could get in on the act.  I made several leaves.  I decided to use two of the leaves for a redo of a used candle container.  The others look good just used alone as a decoration on a table, but could be used in a variety of different ways.

So as the seasons change and so do I, I will leave you with some autumn thoughts -  "Fall has always been my favorite season.  The time when everything bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale."  - Lauren DeStefano

Friday, August 14, 2015

ETI Blog Hop with Desinger Craft Connection

Being a novice user to most of the products from Enviromental Technology Inc. this challenge truly was a "challenge" for me.  My experience with resin was for a few projects on a larger scale and the results very satisfying.  I chose to work with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay® and EnviroTex®Jewelry Resin.  After following the mixing directions for the Jewelry Clay® I wanted to try a number of ways to use the clay.  For my first attempt, I used two different type molds, a stamp design and a couple of rubber texture sheets.

Here are the resulting pieces:

Follow instructions for drying the shapes. For the molded and stamped pieces, I was able to clean up the edges with carefully using an X-Acto knife and some sandpaper.  The two pieces that were used for my projects were painted with acrylic paints after being primed with gesso.  NOTE: I am not sure if this step was necessary, but it was one that was done.  

Mixing the two parts of the resin was easy enough by following the instructions  completely. The next step was to apply the Jewelry Resin to both pieces. This step was a bit tricky for the stamped heart image.  Sequin hearts were placed in the indented areas of the heart before adding the resin. Here is where I realized that the stamped image should have been slightly deeper to hold the sequins and resin in place.  We DO learn by our mistakes!  It is mentioned in the instructions that the working time for the resin is 25 minutes which was helpful for the way the resin was applied to both pieces.

The second piece was the molded sun image that was glued onto a laser cut wooden butterfly shape.  Once glued to the wood, I placed it over the first empty mixing cup on a piece of parchment paper.  NOTE: The parchment paper can collect any resin that may drip off the piece and then be discarded. The method used to apply the resin was to use a popsicle stick and drip it into the resin, then allow it to drip and spread over the molded image and the wooden butterfly.  Some of the resin remained in the openings.

The hardest part of the entire process is NOT TOUCHING till dry.  Since I did not make a hole in the heart shape once the image was stamped, nor drilling a whole after drying, a small length of ribbon was used for a hanger and the piece was backed with felt cut to fit.  A jewelry finding was glued under the sun image to hold a cord.

I look forward to working with both these products more and experimenting more.  After this first-time effort, I can see some changes that I would make when applying the resin.

Would you like a chance to try some products from ETI?  During this blog hop, you can enter to win some.  Follow this link:
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More Playing With Pulp for Arnold Grummer Papermaking Blog

For some reason, I truly enjoy experimenting with paper pulp.  After seeing some interesting designed papers at an art store, this idea came to me. The results from my playing, I feel, was very satisfactory.  Here are two projects made with this pulp technique.  The paper was used as a background for a simple card.  Another application was a decorative plate.

Visit the Arnold Grummer Papermaking Blog to read more about these two projects and get to mixing up some pulp to play with.  LINK TO POST

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fairfield Pillow Challenge - Designer Craft Connection

What better way to brighten up a summer setting is there!  Combine an outdoor pillow with some colorful fabrics and embellishments and the results can be amazing.

I requested Weather Soft™ Pillow Inserts for this project.  They are a water resistant pillow shape made specifically for outdoor use.  They have a laminated shell that protects the fiberfill from moisture.  They are durable and add comfort to your patio and deck furnishings.

Measure a piece of the Oly-Fun™ Sky Blue fabric an inch larger than the size of the pillow form.  The fabric will be sewn by machine to form a pillow covering that may be removed to be changed for the seasons.  Overlap the fabric approximately 3" to 4" on the back part of the pillow covering.  NOTE: Hem the edges by folding over the edges 1/4" to 1/2" before sewing around the four sides of the pillow covering.  Before turning to the right side, trim the four sides with pinking shears and trim the points.

Die-cut circles from the Hot Fudge Oly-Fun™for each flower.  Die-cut leaves from the Pine Oly-Fun™. Using the Eileen Hull Leaves Sizzix die, cut 12 of each size leaf for each flower.  NOTE: The stems on the leaves can be trimmed away.  Beginning with the largest leaf shape, glue them around the brown center, spacing as evenly as possible.  Continue to glue the next size leaf around the center placing them in between the leaves of the first band.  Finish with the smallest leaf, placing them between the leaves of the prior row.  Find the placement of the flowers and leaves that is desired and then glue them into place.

Place the finished pillow where ever you would some brightness!!!


Fairfield Weather Soft™ 18" x 18" Pillow Insert (#A-WP18)
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Pine
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Sky Blue
Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack Hot Fudge
Yellow Felt
Sizzix Big Shot
SIzzix Dies: Eileen Hull Leaves, Original Leaf, Maple
Beacon Adhesives FabriTac™
Sewing Machine
NOTE:  Fairfield Oly-Fun™ Lemon Drop could be used in place of the yellow felt.

Visit the Fairfield World website to see the complete line of products.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Deflecto Design Team - Hooray For the Red, White & Blue

When summer arrives, all things red, white and blue come out to decorate the house during this time. With Memorial Day, Flag Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day all falling within the summer season, it is the appropriate time for such decorations.

The mantle above the fireplace is one spot that always finds a special decoration to fit a theme.  This year I changed things up just a bit.  Using the Angled Sign Holders (20001CR) I created postcard size cards using various papers and adding die-cut letters using my Silhouette machine to spell out AMERICA.  Adding to the mantle decor is a very simple garland made from torn strips of fabric that are knotted onto a jute cord.

The VersaGrip™ Sign Holder (20007CR) made the perfect thing to hang another handmade banner to a window area.  The longer clamp was clipped to the top edge of the curtain and the smaller clip holds the string from the banner.  Rosettes made from coordinating papers are attached to the clip with heavy duty glue dots.

Another banner was made from handmade papers and some scanned images.  It hangs from the front steel door with star shaped magnets that were die-cut from Deflecto Magnet Sheets with Supergrip Sign Holders (20002CR) attached to hold the banner cord.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Designer Craft Connection - Let's Party!

Summer is here and it brings along with it - PARTY TIME!  Of course,  parties are great no matter the reason or the time.

Every party calls for beverages and why not make serving them fun.  There are several containers on the market that can make beverages at parties special.

Using a Mason jar, a drinking mug and replicas of milk bottles, then adding some extras to embellish, the end product are unique additions for your party table.

Create a fabric lid for the containers from fabrics to suit a theme.  Make a pattern by drawing a circle.  Use a 6 1/2" circle for the larger vessels and a 4 3/4" circle for the bottles.  In the center of each pattern, trace the diameter of the corresponding jar/mug and bottles.  Trace the circles onto the fabrics of choice, then cut out using pinking shears.  Make another set of circle patterns the same size as the diameter of the container  opening.  NOTE: The measurements are approximately 2 3/4" for the jar/mug and 1 3/4" for the bottles.  Trace these circle patterns onto vinyl iron-on material, two per cover; cut out.  NOTE: Cut these circles slightly smaller than the tracing line.  Place and press these vinyl circles onto the fabric circles, centering them.  Follow the manufacturer instructions to apply these to the fabric.  Applying them to both sides will make these reusable and keep them from absorbing any liquid.

Fold each circle to find the center and carefully cut and X in the center.  For the jar or mug, place the fabric onto the top and  center the vinyl circle then screw a jar lid ring on.  Add some ribbon or other trim for decoration if desired onto the edge of the lids.  For the bottles, place the fabric circles onto the tops and hold in place with clear rubber bands.  Add ribbon or trim for decoration if desired.

Die-cut corresponding tags in shapes to match the theme from chalkboard material.  Punch a small hole into the shapes and attach a thin cord for tying.  Use chalkboard markers to add names to the tags.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Frames To Celebrate Special People - Deflecto

June will be "busting out all over" very soon!  With the beginning of this new month comes the end of the school year, graduations and Father's Day.  Here are some ideas for either gifts or displays.

This lovely clear acrylic easel frame stands on its own quite well but by adding simple yellow pencils and clay apple embellishments, make it into something special for that favorite teacher.

This chalkboard holder goes a little bit beyond just a message board by adding a clear pouch to hold a photo a the special graduate and some celebration balloons.

Here is a favorite frame of mine.  Again this frame stands well all on its own.  For that special "dad" make it more personal or fitting.   For the "Do-It-Yourselfer",  I added some clay pieces that are made to resemble pieces of wood to embellish the front of the frame.  The same clay, letters were die-cut to add "daddy" to personalize the frame.