Friday, September 13, 2013

Thoughts on the Summer

WOW where did the time go? I guess you could say I took a little vacation from this blog for way too long.  So here I sit trying to do a little "catching up".  With "Autumn in the air" today I thought I would look back and write a bit about the past several weeks since my last post.

Since the middle of July there have been birthday celebrations, the traditional week "up north" with the family, deadlines for some designs, sad times, big family moments, catching up with dear friends and several artful experiences.

My youngest grandchild turned 3 and she is such a sensitive, fun-loving, daring, sweet little girl.  She will keep everyone on there toes!
Zoe turns 3

We continued with our usual family tradition of a week at Camp Nawakwa.  It was a bit easier this year then last to deal with not having our "keeper of the flame" there.  Though I sensed Mike there in many ways, many times.  We celebrated three more family birthdays during the week, Andrew, Alison and Andrea.
Kevin & Joe talk fishing
Breakfast with the group
Canoe Trip
The eternal fire
The week after returning we lost a member of the family and we came together to remember and morn the loss of "Nutty Aunt Sue".

I began to wonder where have the years gone with my oldest grandchild, Joseph, beginning High School and Tess, starting Kindergarten.  Through the years I have spent so much time with the four grandkids but both Joseph (Amy's) and Tess (Kevin's) I had the opportunity to spend much more time with. BUT, I love them all deeply and dearly!  A Gramma could not be prouder!
With Joseph on Graduation Night
Tess's First Day
I was happy to have some "deadlines" to meet with some design work.  It can be crazy, but I have enjoyed having to deal with moments like this again.  Here's two designs that were just published.
Crafts n Things Weekly Digital Issue

Crafts n' Things Winter Issue 2013

Finally found time for visits with some dear friends. It was great Sally F., Donna and Karan.

Now about those "artful experiences" -
While up north I was invited by a very dear family friend to share in a very interesting day.  We went to the home and studio of artist Jeanine Semon. She is known for her healing art.  She stirred us through two different processes.  After each, she gave us an interpretation of what she saw our work to show and feel.  It was a fasinating insight into myself that turned out to be a very emotional experience for this point of my life.
Jeanine in her studio/home in Lac du Flambeau

After returning home, I presented a card making workshop one evening for 30 women in our community.  It was a wonderful experience to share with the ladies.  This is the second opportunity I have had to share some creative time with community participants and hope there will be more. (We were so busy and having so much fun, I forgot to take photos.)

I treated myself to a day at a "CREATE"retreat in nearby Lisle.  It is sponsored by "Cloth Paper Scissors".  I took two workshops and enjoyed them both.  The first was with designer Rebekah Meier, who I am very lucky to call a dear, dear friend.  It was a wonderful time spent enjoying her process of creating along with several other lovely women.  The evening brought me a chance to try something a little new with a class by Kristin Robinson. We created jewelry pieces with solder and blow torch and also learn to use the interesting medium "Ice Resin" and "Iced Enamels" with the help of Jen Cushman.    Again, time well spent and the desire to learn more.  The next day I returned to the site for a "Artist Faire Sale".  Many wonderful vendors where there selling fun and interesting materials for anyone with a creative soul.  I was so very happy to reconnect and talk with Kim Schiedermayer and Greg Gummer, two of Arnold Grummer's children, who I met several years ago while working for them at a industry trade show.  An amazing, wonderful family that left it's mark on me.
To be completed with embellishments
Kim & myself
So in three days I leave for another opportunity to share some creativity.  Looking forward to the coming week in the Northwoods once again.  I am excited and happy to be participating in the first Camp Nawakwa Women's Week-end Retreat.  I will be offering a workshop where we will create a reusable journal cover.  It is my hope to make this a fun an non-stressful experienceand allow each person some easy way to express themselves through crafting.  I'm also looking forward to taking in the beauty of this area at this time of the year.  It's beautiful in summer and winter for different reasons, but with Autumn being my very favorite season, no matter where I am, I look forward to spectacular sights.