Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Soon - A New Challenge

Coming next week, on July 1st, the Designer Connection Group will be sharing ideas that we created using Beads in a Bottle, from the Tulip line of creative products.

Check out this video to get an idea of what we were working with.

Then go to the "i love to create blog" link here and read more about this challenge. Take some time and visit the website  and  main blog to find much more information about the many amazing products, projects and other information for all you creative souls out there.

There will be a prize given away once again this month, which is shown in the photo above.  What a great selection of products that you will receive if you win.  All you need to do is go to the "i love to create" blog and leave a comment to have the chance to win this wonderful collection of creative products.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today is their day - well their "Special" calendar day.  So to dad's everywhere, I hope that they will enjoy the day.  Some will be golfing, some lounging, some grilling,  some even working and many sharing some time with those they love and love them back.

For my husband and I, we will be remembering.  Both of our fathers are gone, but we will have memories to think of and share.  Those photos of "family" that are many in our house,  are filled with thoughts of them and how their  "fatherhood" shaped us.
Dad with baby daughter long ago

Dad with sons (future dads)-David was only a gleam.

Then there is our oldest son (father of two sweet little girls, Tess and Zoe) and our son-in-law (father of two tweens, Joseph and Maddie), they are both spending their day working.  Both are firemen/paramedics and today is their shift day.  Both are great daddy's to their children.

A very young father

The rest of us will gather here with another special dad.  He has much to be proud of in his three children and the family additions.  We honor him for the wonderful teacher, worker, friend, neighbor, son, brother, sweetheart, husband and loving Dad he is!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sunday Drive

 Earlier today we took advantage of a beautiful day to get out with some of the family and enjoy the fresh country air and the sunshine.
We made a visit to an alpaca farm. Along with seeing and learning about these animals, the owner of the farm also had a display of how the fibers from the alpacas are used.  There was also a marvelous array of lovely handmade items by the owner of the farm, Susan Waldron.  Please take the time to check out the link of the website of Waldron Grove Farm for some photos and information.  I hope to have an opportunity to possibly take a class at the farm.  Though I have had some experience with the different methods of felting, I am always up to learn more.

I was able to purchase a bag of the raw alpaca wool. I am looking forward to working with the raw fibers. It will be a new experience. Here is a photo of the two pounds of "fluff".  Hopefully you can follow me through the process of cleaning, washing, dying and creating with these fibers.

Here's a link for information on alpacas that I also found interesting.
How cute is this face?
Here is another interesting blog, "the mental farmer", written by Mary Logsdon, who we had met during our visit. I found her blog interesting because of what she is sharing about the local area where she lives.  Of course, mostly it is my love of anything that shares a little of "country living" that gets my attention.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June's Designer Craft Connection - Red, White & Blue

"Every heart beats true, 'neath the Red, White and Blue"  -  George M. Cohan

The theme for this months blog post is "patriotic" and what better way to express the love of country with this color scheme. Here is a easy project to make so you can show a little patriotic pride.
Cut royal blue cardstock into 4"x 6" rectangles.  Cut a "V" pattern into one of the 4" edges.  Score and fold over the opposite edge about a 1/2".  Cut a length of a wired edge ribbon and apply to each of the the paper shapes.  Fold over about 1/2" of ribbon on each of the 6" sides to the back and glue down with glue.  Star shapes and letters are cut from white and red cardstock using Sizzix dies for stars and letters.  Simply glue letters onto the stars and then onto the ribbon covered paper shapes.
To make the banner: Cut a long length of 1/8" white ribbon, enough to span the area where it will hang.  ( I used a length approximately 100".) Each of the blue "flags" is attached to the ribbon by placing the folded 4" edge over the ribbon.  Adhere a piece of tape along the edge of the folded flap.  (NOTE: A very fine line of glue can also be carefully applied instead of taping, as long as the ribbon can move freely through the flap.)  Continue adding all the "flags" leaving a small space between words.  Tie a loop for hanging at each end. Two bows were formed using a 1/2" patriotic ribbon and wired to the end loops after hanging the banner.
An additional quick and easy patriotic decoration -
For this project I painted wooden letters in red, white and blue.  Glittered each letter with  a coordinating glitter. Each letter is glued onto length of wired ribbon. A 3/4" wooden block is glued to the back of each letter along the bottom as a stand. Apply a small wooden, gold glittered star to each letter for easy embellishment.

Julie McGuffee has another "give away" for the blog readers once again.  Please check out her blog for the prize and directions.  So get hopping -   hit the craft connection button after reading here and see what patriotic ideas you can find.  Since this is probably my favorite color combination, I will be looking for ideas too.