Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sunday Drive

 Earlier today we took advantage of a beautiful day to get out with some of the family and enjoy the fresh country air and the sunshine.
We made a visit to an alpaca farm. Along with seeing and learning about these animals, the owner of the farm also had a display of how the fibers from the alpacas are used.  There was also a marvelous array of lovely handmade items by the owner of the farm, Susan Waldron.  Please take the time to check out the link of the website of Waldron Grove Farm for some photos and information.  I hope to have an opportunity to possibly take a class at the farm.  Though I have had some experience with the different methods of felting, I am always up to learn more.

I was able to purchase a bag of the raw alpaca wool. I am looking forward to working with the raw fibers. It will be a new experience. Here is a photo of the two pounds of "fluff".  Hopefully you can follow me through the process of cleaning, washing, dying and creating with these fibers.

Here's a link for information on alpacas that I also found interesting.
How cute is this face?
Here is another interesting blog, "the mental farmer", written by Mary Logsdon, who we had met during our visit. I found her blog interesting because of what she is sharing about the local area where she lives.  Of course, mostly it is my love of anything that shares a little of "country living" that gets my attention.

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