Saturday, June 17, 2017

Journal Making Becomes Personal

This journal making adventure began back in April and the creative journey continues!  With this next edition I am making it more personal.  It became what I call my personal assemblage journal, just for me and my personal thoughts.

For this journal I knew it had to include items that I like, so I began to assemble ideas and elements that are to my liking.  The color needed to be mostly blue.  Many of the embellishments are from the stash of favorite finds that are treasures.  With all the elements gathered the creative process could start!  What best way to start? The great Eileen Hull Journal die for Sizzix of course!  Combine that with the wonderful Mixed Media products by Rebekah Meier for Thermo-Web and I call that a GREAT start!!!
Back outside cover
For this journal I created a wider spine to expand the journal to hold four signatures instead of three.  The cover pieces were cut from a slightly thinner board so the Mixed Media Foam  could be added to the outside and inside of the covers.  NOTE: I found that the slightly thinner board helped to add stability to the covers and the foam layers added flexibility and softness.  


Die-cut all the board and foam sheet pieces for the front and backs.  NOTE: Before cutting the inside cover FOAM pieces, choose paper, fabric or other material to cover the surface of one side of the foam sheet.  I chose a textured fabric for one and Mixed Media Art Paper for the other.   Two board pieces, four foam pieces are needed for the journal covers.  The Thermo web Mixed Media Foam sheets are backed on both sides with adhesive.

Cut the foam sheet in half. Remove the backing sheet from the foam and adhere to the board.  Die-cut the first part of the two cover pieces.

Arrange the found items for the assemblage covers.  Once you find the arrangement that you like, remove the backing paper and return the items onto the adhesive and press in place.  NOTE: If there are any items that do not adhere to the adhesive, put in place with glue. 

The next step was to add some color, if desired.  Using inks, thinned with water, brush the coloring lightly over areas.  Dry the ink and add more layers of color if desired.

***SIDE TIP***
Raised Monogram Embellishment
This area was created by tracing the letter "M" from a metal shape, onto a piece of a foam sheet,  Cut the letter out with either teflon scissors or an X-acto knife.  DO NOT REMOVE EITHER BACKING PAPER.  Cut a rectangle shape from the foam, slightly larger then the letter.  Trim around the edges with decorative scissors.  Remove the backing paper from the backside of the rectangle and place and press onto the front cover.  Remove the backing paper from the topside of the rectangle. Now remove the backing paper from the backside of the letter and carefully position it onto the rectangle and press in place.  Glue the clay ebellishment in place on the foam letter.  NOTE: Mark the area where the clay piece will sit.  Carefully cut the paper backing away from this area and remove the paper, BUT LEAVE THE REMAINING PAPER ON THE LETTER.  Add glue if necessary to the clay and put in place.

Once the inked areas are completely dry, coat the entire surface with a light layer of white gesso.   NOTE: A light coat of the gesso allows some of the colored areas to still show through.  When the gesso is very dry, use a stiff cloth and rub some of the gesso off some of the elements, example: keys, buttons, frame, metal tag, pen nib, clips, pearls.  Another layer of color can also be added to other areas by using inks or paints, example: the foam rectangle, rick-rack, lace, flower trims, paper flower, clay pieces.

Construct the journal according to directions.  I used 1.5mm clear Stretch Magic® cord for threading through the spine to hold the four signatures and a length of picot edged cream satin ribbon for the tie closure.

Touches of foiling were added to the keys, frame, pen nib, lace (on back cover) and  the small monogram letters.  Brush small amounts randomly onto areas with the Mixed Media Medium. Allow the medium to dry well.  Press on the foil paper and lift; add more if desired.  To add foil to the foam letter, remove the backing paper that remains in place.  Lay the foil over the surface and rub to apply, repeat if necessary.  NOTE: If desired, coat the complete journal covers, both inside and out with a decoupage finish.  I used Beacon Fast Finish Decoupage.

The four signatures were made by combining fabrics and papers for the covers.  Here again I used favorites like gingham, in tiny checks, denim blue and other blue fabric.  I stenciled on the outside of the denim fabric with a few of my favorite stencils by Rebekah Meier from TCW, using Eileen Hull's  Coconut Colorbox Blends.  The denim was layered with decorative papers, using the Mixed Media Adhesive sheets and stenciling the paper side again with my favorite designs and using the blends and spray inks.

Pages for the four signatures were cut from a tablet of newsprint paper, copy paper and graph paper, giving a nice variety for the journal inserts.

I enjoyed creating the journal with the "assemblage" look.  Using the Mixed Media Foam Sheets made the process easier.  The last addition to my personal journal was the black and white photo added to the tiny metal frame that belonged to my very sweet mother.  NOTE: Those locks were the look back then! Those were the days my friends!!!!

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PS - Feel free to contact me with any questions.