Friday, December 20, 2013

Blog Hop - Stamps and Inks by Ann Butler

How lucky I am to have been asked by Ann Butler, once again, to be a part of this blog hop using her stamps by Kelly Crafts and her inks from Clearsnap.  This is the first of two "hops" showcasing these products.  (I'm keeping the other new set under wraps till the next blog hop in January.)

My idea was to use this wonderful EZ-De's Flourish 2" Alphabet stamp set for personalizing gifts.  Here I made a sweet pillowcase for one of my granddaughters.  (I will be making another for her little sister too.)  I love the size and the style of the letters.  They are so versatile and can see them used over and over in any variety of projects.

I also used another set of Ann's stamps from her line of "faux quilting" stamps in this project to show how easy they can be used to make an fun and interesting design.  By changing ink colors you can create your own personalized look. This project uses both of the color of Colorbox Crafter Inks by Ann Butler.  I decided to add a few more embellishments to make the pillowcase a bit more decorative.  I went to another of my favorite tools - Sizzix Big Shot and Dies.  I fused fabric to a iron-on interfacing and then die-cut some flower shapes and some flourishes.  Completed the flowers with small, smooth buttons and some fabric ties as pillow closures.

This alphabet set is easy to use and line up.  I can see using it to personalize any wearable or other object with a name or monogram.

Here is another easy project I was able to make this afternoon.  This little banner will be a nice addition to my many handmade Christmas decorations and would make a sweet gift.  For this project I used a double-sided fusible batting, that I sandwiched between two pieces of fabric.  Then rectangles 4" x 6" were cut from the fabric.  The bottom of each was cut into a "V".  Using regular card stock, I cut 3" x 3" squares and stamped with ink the letters.  The edges of the paper were trimmed with pinking shears and "dashes" were made around the square to look like "faux stitching".  The letter squares are glued onto the fabric rectangles, then finally embellished with die-cut holly leaves and red shiny berries.  They attached to a simple red cord with tiny wooden clothespins.

I love banners and I can see using these Alphabet stamps in many different banners.

Now you can simply start or continue to hop through the blogs and find some wonderful ideas for these wonderful new stamps.

Here is the list to follow:
Theresa Cifali

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just A Thought Or Two...: Holiday Decorations - Designer Craft Connection December

Just A Thought Or Two...: Holiday Decorations - Designer Craft Connection December

Holiday Decorations - Designer Craft Connection December

When Thanksgiving falls the very last Thursday of November I am not very "thankful".  Yes, I am one of those people who pulls out the Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving.  This year not only did Thanksgiving the last week of November, but I decided to host dinner for 21 family members here.  With the help of many, it was a wonderful day!

On Friday the house began the transformation.  Today is the final day of decorating because I decided to scale back a little and there are several things that will remain packed away this year.  Even with that the house looks pretty festive.
Candle Jars on Mantle

The mantle usually takes on a different look each year, but most of the time in includes candles.  This year is no different.  NOTE: the candle jars are in place but some batting and snow needs to be added.

Back in November I was asked, by our women's group if I would like to share an idea for a holiday decoration with the community.  So I created a variety of samples to display and now those samples became part of my own holiday decorations this year.

Everyone was asked to bring a pint size mason jar, along with a tea light candle.  I supplied the rest.  With some ribbons, raffia, snips of greens, tiny pinecones, berries, bells, snowflakes and felt cut-cuts, each jar becomes unique. The snow is a mix of epsom salt and a small amount of artificial snow with some sparkle.  A snowflake shaped candle rug was made with two different die-cut snowflake shapes that were glued together for a added touch.  Each and everyone was unique and festive.  It was a delightful craft for all.

Here is the display of all the samples I made:
Display of candles at home

Display of candles at clubhouse
NOTE: The runner is another project that the quilting group made last year.  Super simple!

Here is a cute, no water version of a snow globe:

Just a couple of the creations by the group:

The three very, very helpful friends that helped:

Love those Mason Jars!