Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Decorations - Designer Craft Connection December

When Thanksgiving falls the very last Thursday of November I am not very "thankful".  Yes, I am one of those people who pulls out the Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving.  This year not only did Thanksgiving the last week of November, but I decided to host dinner for 21 family members here.  With the help of many, it was a wonderful day!

On Friday the house began the transformation.  Today is the final day of decorating because I decided to scale back a little and there are several things that will remain packed away this year.  Even with that the house looks pretty festive.
Candle Jars on Mantle

The mantle usually takes on a different look each year, but most of the time in includes candles.  This year is no different.  NOTE: the candle jars are in place but some batting and snow needs to be added.

Back in November I was asked, by our women's group if I would like to share an idea for a holiday decoration with the community.  So I created a variety of samples to display and now those samples became part of my own holiday decorations this year.

Everyone was asked to bring a pint size mason jar, along with a tea light candle.  I supplied the rest.  With some ribbons, raffia, snips of greens, tiny pinecones, berries, bells, snowflakes and felt cut-cuts, each jar becomes unique. The snow is a mix of epsom salt and a small amount of artificial snow with some sparkle.  A snowflake shaped candle rug was made with two different die-cut snowflake shapes that were glued together for a added touch.  Each and everyone was unique and festive.  It was a delightful craft for all.

Here is the display of all the samples I made:
Display of candles at home

Display of candles at clubhouse
NOTE: The runner is another project that the quilting group made last year.  Super simple!

Here is a cute, no water version of a snow globe:

Just a couple of the creations by the group:

The three very, very helpful friends that helped:

Love those Mason Jars!


  1. love your sideways no water snow globe! so cute!

    1. Thanks Michelle. It was a big hit with everyone on craft night too!. I'm searching for more cute mini's to make more.