Monday, June 6, 2011

June's Designer Craft Connection - Red, White & Blue

"Every heart beats true, 'neath the Red, White and Blue"  -  George M. Cohan

The theme for this months blog post is "patriotic" and what better way to express the love of country with this color scheme. Here is a easy project to make so you can show a little patriotic pride.
Cut royal blue cardstock into 4"x 6" rectangles.  Cut a "V" pattern into one of the 4" edges.  Score and fold over the opposite edge about a 1/2".  Cut a length of a wired edge ribbon and apply to each of the the paper shapes.  Fold over about 1/2" of ribbon on each of the 6" sides to the back and glue down with glue.  Star shapes and letters are cut from white and red cardstock using Sizzix dies for stars and letters.  Simply glue letters onto the stars and then onto the ribbon covered paper shapes.
To make the banner: Cut a long length of 1/8" white ribbon, enough to span the area where it will hang.  ( I used a length approximately 100".) Each of the blue "flags" is attached to the ribbon by placing the folded 4" edge over the ribbon.  Adhere a piece of tape along the edge of the folded flap.  (NOTE: A very fine line of glue can also be carefully applied instead of taping, as long as the ribbon can move freely through the flap.)  Continue adding all the "flags" leaving a small space between words.  Tie a loop for hanging at each end. Two bows were formed using a 1/2" patriotic ribbon and wired to the end loops after hanging the banner.
An additional quick and easy patriotic decoration -
For this project I painted wooden letters in red, white and blue.  Glittered each letter with  a coordinating glitter. Each letter is glued onto length of wired ribbon. A 3/4" wooden block is glued to the back of each letter along the bottom as a stand. Apply a small wooden, gold glittered star to each letter for easy embellishment.

Julie McGuffee has another "give away" for the blog readers once again.  Please check out her blog for the prize and directions.  So get hopping -   hit the craft connection button after reading here and see what patriotic ideas you can find.  Since this is probably my favorite color combination, I will be looking for ideas too.


  1. The banner looks so easy, kids could even have fun making it! Thank you for posting your project.

    Wishing You Creativity,
    Suzann Sladcik Wilson

  2. I love this banner and the whole set up. It's fun and full of patriotic spirit. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Love your version of a patriotic banner! Looks terrific on your banner!

  4. What a beautiful banner. Very festive and bright!

  5. Love this! Can I borrow your idea for my Sunday School Class? They would love making this and we could leave it up all year!