Monday, May 30, 2011

Honor Service To The Country

Beside parades and picnics, today there are more importantly, memorial services taking place all over the country to honor those who have died in service.

This morning we visited a nearby cemetery, just after a tribute honoring those who have fallen in service to the country.  The Bluff City Cemetery dates back to 1889 and is located near the Fox River in the city of Elgin.  
Because of the age of this large, old cemetery, it is filled with stately oaks, rolling hills and thousands of dated headstones, monuments and family mausoleums. Entering the hallowed grounds, you immediately see hundreds of large American flags lining the narrow roads that wind there way through the cemetery.  Driving up a hill, you come to an area where the ceremony took place.
Here is a link to open and read about the history of this cemetery and the event.
Down another path you find a large area filled with the graves of the fallen from all wars that Americans have fought.

In each and every town and city, across this massive country, there are sites like this and services that take place each year.  We have attended such memorials in the past in different suburbs around us.  They are truly moving experiences for all to take part of to share the true meaning of this holiday week-end.

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