Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here Comes Summer (Sort Of)

Yes, the calendar reads May 28th.  We start the season with the extended week-end and the celebration of the Memorial Day holiday.  Our weather is not being very cooperative with the first summer  holiday week-end.  The expectation for the next couple days does improve though.  I won't complain, because my thoughts are still with those across the country that are dealing with the devastation from storms, tornadoes and flooding the past few weeks.

This week-end is more than a time for that extra day off, or picnics and barbeques, or sporting events.  (But I wouldn't deny anyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves however they wish.)

Check out this link for some history on Memorial Day.  Do you ever attend a parade in your area on Memorial Day?  If you never have, take the time - It can be a very moving experience to see those "who have serviced" participate and be applauded while marching.  On Sunday evening, tune into the National Memorial Day Celebration.  It can be seen on any PBS station.  It is surely a moving concert that takes place in Washington DC. Here is a link to go to for more information.

This is an event that is never partial to any "party affiliation" but honors all those who have served for the rights and freedoms that we have.  It's on days like this and while watching celebrations like this, that my biggest wish is that people of "all different thinking", will realize that compromise is a "two-way street".  Those who have fought and died, did not fight for the "left or right" (or whatever silly label people want to use) American, but for ALL AMERICANS!

God Bless you all & God Bless the USA!

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