Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Day's A Coming ...

It's getting closer! Still working on details for the big day on Friday. It's been sometime since I have posted photos, but I will again soon. I had to finish up several projects the past two days for Beacon Adhesives. They are pieces that will be on display in their booth at the CHA trade show in January.

So now it's back to finishing up the table setting and making the place cards for each person. I made "paper clay" gingerbread men ornaments for the kids, origami wreaths for the guys and tinseled glass ball ornaments for the ladies. Mike made several small wooden reindeers for the tables. Are unfinished basement is taking on a festive look. Once everything is in place, I will be taking several photos and share the ideas with you.

Final decisions for food are being taken care of. Coordinating side dishes and more with other family members. We are looking forward to having the family here on Friday.

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