Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 3 - Sweet Stuff

Today's post will be a bit shorter only because most of today is was spent at my son's house, babysitting my granddaughter while he and his father are painting their HUGE family room/kitchen in their new home.

I wanted to get this post ready for publishing late last night, but I was pretty tired after babysitting and getting some more cookie dough made in advance for baking this week-end.

Now onto some more ideas for decorating.

I have always liked gingerbread houses. I have made many forms of "gingerbread" houses. Not being a huge fan of ginger cookies I made my buildings using other edible items. In most cases I started with a heavy cardboard frame. Once the frame was made it would be frosted and then the construction would begin. Several times graham crackers were used as the base, others were constructed using pretzel rods for a more rustic appearence. The pre-made houses that are available cannot be over looked. I have used them several times in recent years, but added extra embellished to them myself. They are fun to do and they don't have to become a big project. Every time we have had one, they were enjoyed by all.

The posted photo is of a "gingerbread" dollhouse that I built a number of years ago. It started with a basic small kit that I then designed for a permanent holiday decoration that everyone loves to look at. The fireplace, chair and couch were all handmade pieces, as well as many of the small items.

Whether edible or "faux", gingerbread is a nice extra in the holiday decor. This year I will be making a gingerbread train because we will have many little ones here on Christmas and I think they will enjoy a train covered and filled with goodies!

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