Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6 - Stockings Are Hung...

(Should have had this post ready last night for publishing, but we attended a wedding. So it was a late night and too tired.)

Today is December 6th, which is the feast of St. Nicholas. Growing up, the night before, we would hang up a stocking before going to sleep. The next morning we would find a small treat in our stocking. I'm not sure if this tradition still goes on today, but our stockings are up. We now have a fireplace where we can hang stockings. Though our family is grown and no longer living with us, we still hang stockings for each of us and the family pets.

Our first stockings were large ones that I made from fabric. I used "green" fabric for the guys and "red" fabric for the girls. Each stocking had a top cuff from white fabric with a eyelet lace trim. I then embroidered each name in the appropriate color. As the family grew with marriages and grandchildren another stocking was added. Our family golden retriever had his own "bone" stocking. It was funny how he would sniff out the treats that we would place inside.
In our old home, we had a wood burning Franklin stove, so we had to hang our stocking along the stair case each year. With a garland of greens, wrapped with lights, framing the stairs, the stockings became a holiday decoration that would stand out in our family room.

We now have stockings that I made from wool felt. The larger stockings represented the members living in our new home. (At the time of our move.) The smaller ones for the rest of the family and two "bones" for the family dogs.

I designed my own patterns on brown grocery bags. (Making the pattern about a 1/4" larger than the finished size.) Cut shape from felt with good sharp scissors. Using felt glue from Beacon, run a bead of glue around the edges of the stockings, DO NOT glue the top closed. Let the stockings dry. Before embellishing, cut around the edge using pinking shears. Glue rick rack around the top edge. Made bows, add a jingle bell and tags with names. Sew or glue these on. Add a jute hanger to each and hang along the mantle. Happy St. Nicholas Day!


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