Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 11 - Oh Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is usually the focal piece in every home during this season. What type of tree is your favorite, how do you decorate it, what kind of lights do you use? Many questions to contemplate concerning this one Christmas symbol.

Up until this year we have always had a "live" tree, except for our very first Christmas that we were married. Getting married a little more than a month before Christmas and living in a small apartment, with not much furniture, we borrowed an "aluminum tree" from relatives. It was decorated with red glass ball ornaments. Every year after that, the tree was green and fresh!
I must admit that I would love to have one of those retro tree now.

For several years we would travel to a tree farm and cut our own tree. With two young children it became easier to purchase one closer to home. As the children grew, they became involved with Indian Guides and Princesses. During that time trees were purchased through the "Y program" as a fund raiser. As they grew older, we found another organization that sold trees, with profits going to a good cause. As the family started to grow with new members, we once again would travel as a family to a tree farm and cut our own trees. As you can see, finding a Christmas tree was something special.

We have come to a point in our lives that we feel (with much apprehension) that we need to go the "artificial" route. So we purchased one that we felt looked as real as possible. Decorating it became the next decision. "Simple" was my main goal. Red poinsettias, white berry sprays, pinecones and glittery snowflakes were chosen, topped off with a handmade angel.

Our favorite tree was a balsam fir. We loved its shape and its scent. We would fill it with ornaments collected and made over the years.

There are other trees around the house for decorations. They come in all sizes and varieties.
"Oh Christmas Tree ... how lovely are your branches."

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