Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2 Idea - Music & Movies

A big part of the holiday in this house is Christmas music and Christmas movies. They are on display at our house every Christmas season. We keep them close at hand for listening and viewing. I have recycled an old dollhouse to hold CD's and movie DVD's and tapes. At this time of year it is filled with seasonal items.

The music started playing over a week ago. We have played about half of our collection. I have at least 9 hours of Christmas music downloaded on our Mac and the collection continues to grow. I never get tired of hearing holiday music and each year I look forward to listening for new releases of different versions. I do try to add at least one new CD each year. The library has a very wide selection of holiday music that can be checked out. This year's new CD is Andrea Bocelli's "My Christmas". His voice is just amazing and the songs he sings are an interesting variety. Last years selection was Josh Groban's "Noel". It is still available and it's a great one.

Next comes our collection of movies. Again, each year there is usually some type of Christmas movie released, but my favorites are the "classic" holiday movies. Nothing is better than "Holiday Inn", "Miracle on 34th Street", "White Christmas", "The Bells of St. Mary's", "Christmas in Connecticut", "A Christmas Carol" and of course, " It's a Wonderful Life". I would have to add modern holiday tales like "Christmas Vacation", "Polar Express", "Santa Clause" (One, Two and Three), "Home Alone" (One & Two) and the "Muppets Christmas Carol".

So if you haven't seen any of the movies I listed, try renting one or check one out at the library or order one from Netflix. Then curl up on your couch with a nice mug of hot chocolate and enjoy!

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  1. If you want to get one new CD this Christmas season, let it be the new one by Andrea Bocelli, "my Christmas". It's quite nice!