Thursday, December 17, 2009

One Week!

Christmas Day is one week from tomorrow! Yikes! What happened to all the time? Why do these weeks just seem to fly by? It only makes me glad that I did decide to decorate the house earlier than usual and try to stay ahead of the rush.

Everyday has been so busy with running here and there, helping others in a variety of ways, baking, making grocery lists, preparing for Christmas dinner, visiting with friends, listening to Christmas music, watching holiday films, and finishing up projects.

Yesterday Mike and I helped out at my brother's parish for a few hours. The parish runs a food pantry, but at this time of year when the people come, they can also pick up gifts for their children. We helped with the sorting of toys and other goodies for the kids. It was overwhelming to see the donations from people. In this time of hardship for so many, it is so wonderful to see the giving nature of others. Seeing the people waiting outside as we left to run more errands left me with a variety of emotions. As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, everyone!"

We hope that in this new year we can offer to help out at the food pantry from time to time.
At this special time of year I can't help but realize how lucky our family is.

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