Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 4 - Greens & More

So what would Christmas be without evergreens, holly, pinecones and pointsettas?

To me they all shout "Christmas time is here!" Whether they be real plants or artificial, they add a festive touch anywhere in the home. Add them anywhere and everywhere. I have many artificial stems that I can reuse every year. Place them into containers that are already filled with dried naturals. Baskets are filled with holly or pointsetta's .

Try some sprays of live evergreen boughs or holly sprigs in fun containers. Fill the containers with green floral foam and fill with water, then arrange the sprays. Add water daily as needed.
Buy some small pots of pointsetta's and mass the pots onto a tray that is covered with "snow-like" batting or in a deep container like a wire basket or enamel washpan.

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