Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Designer Craft Connection - Witchy Halloween

Work some crafty magic by combining interesting elements to create a "bewitching Halloween decoration.

Begin by painting a Smoothfoam baby head with white gesso, then give the head two coats of a flesh colored acrylic paint.  Gold star brads are used for the eyes.  Paint red lips on the face.  Strips of of thick variegated yarn is glued to the head for hair.

Cut a round piece from black felt for the brim of hat.  Form a cone shape from another piece of black felt for the top part of the hat.  Cut slits around the lower edge and glue this part to the brim.  Add any decorative additions to the witch's hat as desired.

Using Eileen Hull's box die, cut the shape from mat board.  Paint the inside with acrylic paint of choice.  Cover the outside of the two pieces with fabric, using heat n' bond iron on fusible.  Form the box by glue it together.  NOTE: cut one flap away and push the side into the inside of the box to have one side of the box open.

Old keys are wired to the sides of the box for arms.  A small, old doily is places on the top of the box.  Place several interesting items into the open area of the box.      

Attach the box to some type of base.  In this case an old wooden candle holder was used as a base using a strong glue.  Glue the head to the box using a strong glue.

Other views of my "Witchy Woman":


  1. Such a cute little witch full of spunk, potions and a little candy corn, too! Aren't we all a little "corney" LOL! Love this and I think I'm going to have to break down and get this ATB die... I'm getting the box bug :)

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment Susan! I've had that box die for some time now, well before the ATC box idea and have found it to be "go to" die.