Monday, September 29, 2014

Get Organized with Deflecto Storage Craft Solutions

How important is it to have things organized?  In my opinion it pretty darn important.  I'm one lucky crafty designer, who has a wonderful space to work in, though that was not always the case!  Whether you have a corner of a room to work in or anything larger, being able to find things and have materials in sight and quickly in hand, is something I find very important.

In this post I will be sharing some ideas I am using in my own personal workspace with the help of products by Deflecto.  You can find information about their products use this link to visit the site: Deflecto Craft Solutions.

Two Interlocking Tilt-Bin storage units fit perfectly above one of the workspaces.  A white 6-bin unit and white 5-bin unit will hold many spools of crafting wires for jewelry making and other projects, plus other supplies that I would like easy access to. As of now I am still in the process of sorting the wires and other items that will fill the tilt-bins. The space these items were taking in my cabinets will now be free for other crafting supplies.

Stackable Clear Cube organizers found the way to the area of the workroom were I keep my die-cutting machines and other die-cutting accessories.  One shelf on a bookcase will  hold four cubes to help organize several different things.  The 4-drawer cube holds several loose Sizzilet dies, cutting shim squares, miscellaneous tools.  A X-divider cube will hold embossing plates and larger, thin dies.  One plain cube holds a good number of embossing folders. Another plain cube will hold small sets of dies that come in a plastic envelope.

Magnetic Craft Sheets can find many uses in crafting but how would you use them for organizing?  There are a couple of ways I found to use them.  To keep thin, nesting dies together, lay then onto the magnetic sheet and cut to fit the collection.  Apply the package information to the opposite side of the magnet sheet for size information.

Smaller strips of magnet sheet are cut to hold the pieces from multi-piece die sets.  This helps keeps pieces from getting bent or falling from the packing envelope.

A Carousel Organizer can be used in many ways in many different locations.  It will officially be used in my workroom for storage of a variety of different items.

Here are a couple of other ideas on using the Carousel Organizer -

For ideas from the Deflecto Designer Team, check out their Pinterest Board.  Check out all other Deflecto Pinterest boards.  For more information and ideas visit the groups Facebook page and "Like" it so you can always see and read about our shared ideas.

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