Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Designer Craft Connection September Edition - Preserving Memories

When it comes to sharing "memories" in my house you won't find photo albums or scrapbooks.  The walls and shelves through out the house are what I use.

Whether it be photos or keepsakes from trips taken, family favorites, occasions, moments shared, special times, I like to show them in more ways then on pages of albums or boxes of filed photos.

A wall of photos that extend down the stairs with plenty of room for additions.
Create of wall of framed photos if possible.  My house has a large wall leading down to the basement that has become the place to display a combination of family photos.  Added shelves give a bit of variety to the wall display.  Mix and match are fine, combine a variety of framed pieces to make the statement - This is my family!

Pick out a few of your own favorite photos or postcards from trips and frame them for display.

Use a collage type frame to fill with photos or tiny memoribilia of a family member to tell a little story.  Fill a display box with memorbilia such as an old pocket watch that belonged to a grandfather, a cutting from an old crocheted bedspread by your grandmother.

Use a collection of old and new photos in an antique frame with a small keepsake added for dimension.

Alter a child's board book into a piece that tells a story of a member's life with some copied photos and verses.

Memories should be shared and seen, and my way of sharing them, is to use photos and special items throughout my house that are a part of my life and worth remembering!

Next Sunday watch for the next blog hop, plus a chance to win some prizes!

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