Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kunin Felt/Beacon Adhesives/Buttons Galore & More Manufacturer Challenge

Another challenge presented itself this month.  When the package arrives it's always a surprise to see what is sent and then to come up with a finished design with the materials provided.  I'm anxious to see all the ideas from the participating designers and thrilled to be sharing mine with everyone!

Three manufacturers were gracious enough to provide materials to work with.  Here is a list of the three with links you can go to for information and ideas.

Kunin Felt
Beacon Adhesives

Buttons Galore & More

Products used here are:
        Printzfelt™Blooming Floral
        Rainbow Classicfelt™ Bright Lilac, Yellow, Fuchsia
        Beacon Adhesive Felt Glue
        Beacon Adhesive Fabri Tac
        Buttons Galore & More assorted coordinated buttons

Now to share three home decor ideas with the materials I received.  Each of these can take on a completely different look by using any of the felt designs.

A simple, no-sew table runner was made from a length of burlap fabric as a base.  The Blooming Floral Printzfelt and yellow Classicfelt was die-cut for the scallop design and rick-rack design on the two ends.  Three other dies were used to cut the larger flower and leaves for the ends and the layered small flowers.  Either of the glues listed can be used for this project.  Both will work extremely well to adhering the felt pieces to the burlap.  NOTE: A tip when gluing, place a piece of waxed paper underneath the burlap for protection of residual glue.  Once felt flowers are in place, glue a button into the center of the two large flowers on the ends.  Use a glitter glue to add a dot to the centers of the smaller layered flowers for a touch of sparkle.

Recently I have seen several ideas for "candle mats", "candle rugs" and "candle wraps".  I made a no-sew version of my own to share.  For the mat or rug, cut a square piece of felt.  For the border pieces I cut small squares and cut each in half on the diagonal.  Fold and glue the two corner points to the top point on each of the triangles.  NOTE: I used Fabri Tac for this step. If needed weight or clip with something to hold them in place till dry and ready for next step.  Glue the folded triangle pieces onto the cut square, placing them even around the edges.  Two are placed side-by-side on the corners of the square.  Finish decorating with die-cut leaves and flowers.  Glue a button onto the center of each flower.  NOTE: Beacon Felt Glue can be used for these steps. 

For the candle wrap, cut a rectangle from a piece of felt, approximately 3 1/2" x 12".  The length of the piece should fit around the circumference of a pillar candle or large jar candle, with about a 1/2" gap for tying it closed. Cut two strips of felt about 1/2" wide x 3 1/2".  Glue the strips to the end edges of the rectangle.  If desired, cut along the length of the piece with scallop scissors. Fold the felt piece in half, matching the ends and punch two sets of holes for threading ribbon through.  Die-cut
3-D flowers from felt.  Roll and form the flowers and glue together using Fabri Tac. Hand or die-cut leaves.  Arrange leaves and flowers as desired and glue them into place.

List of other materials used:
Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix Dies - Eileen Hull Leaves, Eileen Hull # 657721 Borders & Hydrangeas, Flowers-3-D, Flower Layers w/ Leaf, Flower-Build a Lilac
Ranger Ice Stickles-Silver Ice

There are 14 different designers taking part in this challenge, please go to each of their blogs or websites and find more fantastic ideas!  Use the Designer Craft Connection button to the right of this post to allow you to hop through to each of them.
Please enter to win a prize package valued for over $100.00 using this link:

Entries for prize drawing will be accepted through September 14th. 


  1. Wonderful ideas! Love the creativity and versatility Madeline!

    1. Thank you so much Debra - it means so much coming from you. I was so happy to be a part of this challenge!

  2. I have never heard of a candle mat, but that one is really cute!

    1. I wonder if these terms are a "regional" thing. I have seen many ideas for them in my area and mostly at quilt shops that also sell wools for felting or making penny rugs. The felt pieces seemed the next best alternative. Thanks!