Friday, October 10, 2014

Designer Craft Connection Manufacturer Challenge - Oly*Fun by Fairfield

Costume challenge using Oly*Fun Multi-purpose craft material - Oh my!!!  Just like the label reads: Easy to cut with scissors, craft knives or die-cutting machines that accept fabric.  Water resistant and easy to sew - and so much more!

This little pumpkin costume  and "trick or treat" bag, I created for my four year old granddaughter was made using Oly*Fun material in Orange Crush, Clover, Pine and Hot Fudge.  The body of the pumpkin began two pieces of the Orange Crush fabric that measured  28" x 20 1/2 ".   I used a large piece of paper with the same measurements to create a pumpkin shaped pattern.  The pattern was traced onto the Oly*Fun with a white fabric marking crayon.  Then two pieces of Fairfield Poly-fil Low Loft batting were cut using the same pattern, only adding about 3/4" to 1" extra all around the pattern.  From white muslin, two of the pumpkin patterns are cut the same size as the Poly-fil batting. The three layers are layered together and pinned along the edges to hold the three layers together.  Lines are drawn onto the pumpkin shape to replicate the natural grooves in a pumpkin.

Use a decorative stitch on a sewing machine to stitch over all of the lines.  Sew the two pieces together  straight across, at the shoulder area.  NOTE: Use 1/4" seam.  Use the same decorative stitch to sew around the entire shape, removing pins as you sew.   NOTE: When sewing the decorative stitch around the front and back shape, stitch about 1/2" in from the edge.  Trim around evenly with pinking shears through all three layers.

Cut down the center back from neck to bottom edge.  Finish the two cut edges with the same decorative stitch and trim with pinking shears in the same manner.  Sew Velcro tape to the edges of the back as a closure.  Use wide bias tape to finish the neck area.  Cut four strips from the Clover, measuring 1" x 24" for s ties.  Sew them to the inside of the front and back on each side of the pumpkin.  NOTE:  Fit the costume on the child and find the best placement and pin before hand sewing.

Cut a square approxiamately 12" x 12 from Orange Crush, Hot Fudge and the low loft poly-fil.  Layer the three together and pin at the edges.  Draw lines onto  the shape to make a circle to fit the piece.  Add lines for decorative stitching as the body.  Finish by adding the decorative stitch around to form a circle top.  Cut edge with pinking shears.   Cut and sew a  triangular piece of Hot Fudge to create a stem.  NOTE: Approximate measurement is 8" long, with the finished top measuring 3", bottom 6". Make the piece long enough so the narrow top can be bent over slightly and glued.  Cut 1" slits into the bottom edge of the brown stem.  Cut a hole into the center of the circle.  The stem is fitted into the  hole and the slits are glued around the cut opening.  Stuff the bottom part of the stem with batting.   Cut a strip from Pine, measuring 1 1/2" x 45" for a tie. Find center of strip and glue  Cover the opening and part of the strip, by gluing a 4" circle of Hot Fudge Oly*Fun fabric over this area.

Layer a piece of Clover and Pine together and die-cut leaf shapes.  Add simple straight stitch veins onto the layered leaves.  To create tendrils - cut two strips from Clover, 1/2" x 20".  Carefully stitch a piece of floral wire onto the strips using a zig-zag stitch.  NOTE: widen and lengthen the stitch for tis step and go slowly.  Wrap the strip around a 1/2" dowel rod to create a spiral.  Pull to lengthen and shape the long tendril for the pumpkin body.  For the hat, fold the strip unevenly and shape tendril.  Glue tendrils into place.  Add leaves, by gluing,  as desired or refer to placement on photo.  Pumpkin blossoms are made from yellow strips of fabric, 4" w x 7" l.  Fold fabric width in half.  Use a running stitch along the raw edge and gather the piece to form a blossom, knotting to hold shape.  Glue blossoms in place.

Why not make an easy "trick or treat" bag too!  Cut a piece measuring 30" x 12" for the body of the bag and 2 pieces for handles, measuring 2 1/2" x 20" from Hot Fudge Oly*Fun.  Turn the two short edges of the fabric (top edges of bag) over about 1".  Sew down hems with a decorative stitch.  Place right sides together, sew each side with a straight stitch, forming a 1/4" seam.  Turn bag right side out.  Make two handles from strips by folding long edges in, handles will be about 1" wide.  NOTE: Press if necessary, using a low setting on iron and press cloth.  Sew the handles onto bag.  Add leaves for embellishment.

I will admit this was the first time I have worked with this product.  Loved everything about it!  Next will  I would like to  experiment with paints and more.  It is important to mention again to use a low setting and a press cloth when ironing.  Oly*Fun is available from Hancock Fabric, and through

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