Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arnold Grummer Papermaking - Fallen Leaves

Inspiration came from my favorite season and from the abundance of colorful leaves all around.

This card was made using several different layers of papers, with the main background piece being a handmade piece.

From the other sheet of handmade paper, I die-cut three maple leaf shapes to decorate a recycled candle glass.

Easy place setting decorations were made by using a die-cut leaf shape with a pinecone glued to the surface.  Names were computer generated and glued to a colored paper background and placed in a small holder and set on the paper leaves.

Using the pour method, I formed two sheets of paper embedded with colorful shards of fallen leaves.  After making the paper mix in a blender, add several torn leaves to the blender and pulse.  NOTE: Remove the middle stems from the leaves before adding to blender.

Try your hand at paper making - visit the Arnold Grummer Papermaking website for kits and other accessories.  Use this coupon code for a discount on your purchase.


  1. Love your fall paper and thanks for the tip about removing the stems from the leaves! BTW, you have an AWESOME work space, I am jealous!!

  2. Thanks Sandee for stoppping by and leaving a comment. Yeah, I agree with you about my workspace. I feel very fortumate to have this awesome space to work in - it was a long time coming!