Friday, October 31, 2014

Clips, Holders, Hooks, Tags and More - Create, Display, Enjoy - Oh My

Little bags of clips, tags, holders, hangers and more arrived at the beginning of the month.  Here we are on the very last day of the month and I would like to share a few projects that I created using some of the fun items we received from Deflect-o®.

First project was one I created as decoration for Halloween.  Making black bats from paper pulp, I needed a way to hang them.  Some neat little banner hangers were part of the package.  They have a double sided adhesive tab that comes with them for adhering to a surface.  I placed them above the wooden door frame and hung the bats using invisible thread from the holders.  A garland can be added to cover the white hangers from showing.  (Having these be clear would be even better.)

Taking the clear plastic Fexible Pouches, Icreated a reversible banner with some decorative papers and die-cut shapes and letters.  Add some ribbons or fabric strips to hang the pouches from a cord.  The plastic pouches make the banner something that could be used for an outdoor decoration too.
To hang inside, I used the  white banner hangers once again.

Using three of the frames from the very first package of product I received, here are three ideas using the frames for more than photos and also incorporating some of the clips, hooks, and more.

Fun magnets were made by adhering decorative papers to magnet sheets and then die-cut into flower shapes. 

Chalkboard designs are all the rage and they also are great to have around for reminders, notes, tags or decorative elements for the house, office or workspace.   Here are a few simple ideas to use the chalkboard sign tags and another sign holder, this one magnetic.  These boards can be used over and over.  Use specialty white chalk markers that are removable with water.

There are a few other items that I hope to work into other projects still to come.  What's fun is the opportuntiy to find new uses for items that many of us think only have one purpose.  

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