Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This card was made by Sue Arendt. This is one of many old handmade cards.
It has arrived ... it is Christmas morning.  It arrived quietly here with a fresh coating of snow on everything outside.  As I sit and write it is peaceful and still.  (Later the house will be filled with family of all ages, so we won't have much "quiet".)  So I will send wishes to all my family and friends and blog readers for a  MERRY CHRISTMAS today.  If I was able to send you all a gift I don't know what to choose.  We all know that we could all use more understanding, more love, more hope, more faith, more caring for one another.  During the crazy rush that always seems to be a part of the season, what many people need is more patience.

So now take some time to be patient with family and friends to help you be more understanding, more loving, more hopeful and more caring of those that touch your lives everyday of the year.
From our house, and family, to yours - Merry Christmas Everyone!

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