Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Sounds

One thing I love about this time of the year is the music.  It's only around for such a short time that I don't mind hearing it play at home, in the car, at the stores all day long.
We have been collecting various forms of Christmas music since our very first Christmas together.  Each year would would add a new album to the collection.  There are several 33 1/3 albums packed away that I would like to find someone willing and able to get them transferred to CD's.
The sweet sound of "Silent Night" or "O Come All Ye Faithful", the wishful sound of "White Christmas" or "The Christmas Song" or the hopefulness of a newer song like "Believe", it's difficult to pick a favorite.
Many of the songs bring back memories of Christmas's of being a small girl, decorating the Christmas tree with family and so many other remembrances.  Then I can remember songs sung while part of my high school glee club.  I remember sing-a-longs when the family would gather on Christmas Eve.

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