Wednesday, October 27, 2010

History Can Be Sweet

I love History. I enjoy interesting old things. I like visiting places that have "history" to tell and what could be better then a place that has a story, plus sells some wonderful goodies.

Back during the summer I posted a story about a town that is "just down the road a bit".  This small town is one of the reasons I love where we no live.  Up and down the Fox River are amazing towns and small cities that are filled with history stories.  I love it!  From time to time we drive through these towns and take in as much as possible of their history, plus the more modern offerings they also have.
So today here is a business called the "Pretzel Palace".  It is located on Main Street in West Dundee along a stretch of the road that is almost entirely lined with "turn of the century" homes.

This tiny little house dates back to 1848.  It was built 100 years before I was born.  This is the historical marker that sits in front of the home.  This house was stop for the "underground railroad" during the Civil War.
Sorry for the glare that makes it difficult to read
The handmade candy is made in the upstairs area of the house.  This was our first visit to the store after passing it several times in the last five years of living near-by.  It was closed much of the summer because of road repair just out front.  Well the selection of wonderful sweets was interesting.  Covered pretzels are the speciality, so we found many combinations.  They also had some coatings for carmel covered apples for this time of the year that sure looked yummy!  You will find a variety of krispy treats and skewers of marshmallows covered in amazing ways.    We walked out with "tortoises" instead of "turtles". One made with pecans, really great carmel and milk chocolate and the other with the same ingredients plus giant cashews.  Everything was decorated for the season. Looking forward to making a visit closer to the Christmas holidays.

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