Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Flowers

So today is the first day of October.  My thoughts are of all things Autumn.  The words that come to mind are: pumpkins, harvest, leaves, mums, cornstalks, colors, baking, cool, frost, my favorite time of the year!

This month I hope to share as many ideas with you, that have something to do with those words above. Here's the first:

A little project that I have been working on to share with friends.  I found a interesting remnant of fabric a few weeks ago and thought it would make a pretty flower.

I cut strips of two varying widths and then gathered them to form circles.  Because of the material content, the edges burned and melted slightly, sealing the edges.  Frayed edges would have given another look to the flower but decided I liked the burned edge better.  The two sizes of gathered discs were then sewn together.  I die-cut a small circle from brown felt, added two various sized black buttons on top and attached them to the center of the flower.  Felt leaves and green felt circle are glued to the back of the flower, then a pin back was added.

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