Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Chill In The Air

Fall officially began last month, but these last few days have been lovely autumn days here in the Midwest.  The night time temperatures are going lower and lower.  This is my favorite time to bake.

Out came the apple peeler, pie plate and a few ingredients to bake the first apple pie of the season.  Using this great peeler-corer, makes the process so much easier and quicker.  One of the best tools to have on hand, even though it only gets used at this time of the year.  Another "time saver" is using Pillsbury Pie Crusts.  Really... easy, and just as good as making it from scratch.

My favorite apples are Granny Smith's and that what was used this time.  Most of the time I use a  mix of apples.
Another thing I love with apple pie is a slice of cheddar cheese on top, warmed slightly, before serving.  For this recipe I finely grated cheddar cheese onto the pie crusts and lightly embedded the cheese into the dough with a rolling pin before baking.

Dessert for tomorrow night!  What should I make next?

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