Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Spooky Jewelry

Hating to throw any leftovers away, I decided to come up with some fairly quick jewelry to wear for Halloween.  A couple of weeks ago when my older grandchildren were here to spend the night, we found our way into my workroom to create something.  They really enjoy spending time there and trying out crafting tools and ideas.

Joseph came up with an idea to make some sort of creature that he cut from felt and stitched together with floss, then stuffed and embellished.  Maddie was busy cutting out "Halloween" shapes with the Big Shot, decorating them and then stamping and creating Halloween cards.

After their visit, I was back in the workroom sewing up a costume for Tess to wear for "trick & treating".  Taking a break to clean up some materials that were left out, I had an "aah-haa" moment.  So with bits and pieces of things just laying around, I made a Halloween related choker and a funky flower ring.
For the choker I used four small Sizzix ghosts that I glued together with an eye-pin sandwiched between. Then covered the surface with glitter glue and set aside to dry. I coiled black wire to make spacers between the pumpkin charms and the felt ghosts.  They are all strung on a rubber cord.
 I used the 3D rose and tiny leaf dies to create the ring.  The flower was cut from canvas and painted, inked and glittered before forming and gluing.  Cut three leaves and a tiny circle using my Sizzix dies.  Glued the circle onto a ring base, followed by the leaves and flower.  Squeezed some yellow glitter glue into the center of the flower and dropped a bead into it.

Fun jewelry to wear and share.  IDEA: Use "glow in the dark" paint and glitter.
If you missed them - easy flower pins from leftovers too.

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