Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Enough

Come on in and enjoy!

On September 1st, the Fall decorations started appearing around the house.  This being my favorite time of the year, what better way to enjoy it by surrounding myself with little bits of the season everywhere in the house and outside too.  (See earlier post here.)
Makes a great centerpiece
In an earlier post I did share some of the decorations I like to use.  There are many pumpkins involved, but with the huge variety of heirloom pumpkins that can now be easily found ... why not!  They just happen to look really cool no matter where you place them.  Here are some photos of some, and these will last through the entire season (and beyond).

Along with the "real thing" there are many "faux" pumpkins around the house, molded, glittered, wool, felt  and ceramic.  Those with faces will be put away after Halloween but the rest can remain till the next season of decorations goes up.
The little goblins will be out around our neighborhood this week-end.  On Sunday our community hosts a "trick and treating" afternoon for the grandchildren of the residents.  **(We live in a 55+ community.)  So the house needs some appropriate decor.  So out comes the ghosts, witches and a few creepy things.  We now leave the really spooky stuff to our kids but we enjoyed decorating the outside with spiderwebs and gravestones and other scary stuff.  We're "grown-ups" now! ... I guess!
Outside we have a little bit of straw bales, Indian corn, pumpkins of course, some broom corn stalks and autumnal colored mums, along with a strawflower wreath to welcome the goblins this Sunday.  The family will be here to share the fun with a pot of chili on the stove and pumpkin and apple pie to enjoy!

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