Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Down The Road A Bit

This post is about the area in which we live.  Our town is Hoffman Estates, which is a far northwest  suburb of Chicago.  We happen to be on the furtherest edge of our village, with the city of Elgin to our south.  This area is considered the Fox Valley area because the Fox River runs north and south just to the west of us.  The area has small towns up and down each side of the river, from the north to south.  The river is the main reason Elgin was the second largest city in Illinois, next to Chicago for some time.  Each town along it's banks grew because of settlers traveling by river to find a place to call home.
A five minute ride will bring us to one of the small towns that is nearby, which is the town of Dundee.  The Fox River cuts through the town and created East Dundee and West Dundee.  This is an area where you drive down Main Street and can visualize this area during the turn of the century.  Store fronts have remained intact, homes along the business district house businesses but remain beautiful facades to relish the good ole days. You pass a small park with the town's gazebo, already decked out with "red, white & blue" draping. But just blocks beyond the business district can be found the neighborhoods you remember growing up in.

One of these very blocks will be featured on July 1st, on Good Morning America, as the "Best Block in America".  We understand the GMA will be filming from Liberty Street that day.  I hope to post some photos from the area.  Hope you tune into see the"Best Block in America".

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  1. Madeline,
    These photo's are all so beautiful and I love the one of the Gazebo!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet, the chairs aren't mine but I wish they were!