Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy Days

Since I have a little time this morning I thought I should write a quick post about what's going on.   I have several things that I would like to share but everyday life and unexpected family situations are too important right now.

In between all the "must does", I'm working on curtains again, making shower favors, playing around with Scoreboard die-cuts, trying to create a video of my little granddaughter on iMovie, get some quilting done and finish many unfinished projects in my workroom.   Life is never boring here!

I have a pile of box shaped die-cuts sitting in front of me that I have begun to construct.  Will be making some paper and fabric flowers to embellish them.

Will share photos later...  Another busy day ahead of us.   With Memorial Day last week-end, the summer season is officially here.  WOW!

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