Monday, March 1, 2010

March Is National Craft Month

"All who are creative, in whatever way, are doing something very important to the well being of the world."   Sandra Chantry

From the title of this post you can see what I will be writing about today.  I got late start with this post for a number of reasons.  First thing this morning after reading emails and checking on the news I anxiously waited to listen to a new program on the web.  Since there is a lack of "crafting" shows these days on television to watch, it is nice to see that there are other avenues for all of us with the desire to "make stuff"!

The first one I would like to tell you about is "Cool2CraftLive".  The host is Tiffany Windsor and the guests on today's show were Linda Peterson, Heidi Borchers, Ann Butler, "the Crafty Chica", Kathy Cano-Murillo and Maria Nerius.  Each one showed a project using their perferred medium.  The Crafty Chica told us about her novel that was just released called "Waking up in a Land of Glitter".  What a wonderful way to begin my day, for that matter, this month of celebrating crafts!  It's worth marking your calendars for Monday mornings (depending on where you live). The show begins at 12:00 pm (noon) Eastern time ...  sorry, you all can figure out your own time zone.  Each week there will be new guests and new ideas.

There is a radio show on Sunday evenings that is called "Fava Crafts Radio".  This is also hosted by Tiffany Windsor on BlogTalk Radio.  During this program you can listen to guests and others offering creative ideas, tips, projects, reviews and more.

Another fun interactive show is on Wednesday evenings.  You can join Maria Nerius at the Pajama Party she hosts and share your own creativity or just watch or listen in.

Those are only three of the fun happenings that are available for "creative souls" out there in webland.
They are definitely worth checking out.

This should be a good month for me to write blog posts.  I'm going to try and share information and ideas and some projects of my own during the month.  It's OK to be crafty, so get crafting!!!!

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