Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Celebrating Green

"Creativity and love surely come from the same source, and both have no boundaries.  It all depends on how we use them".   Nancy Green
      ( Crochet Shamrock - used a fine jute cord.  Dyed with Ranger Colorwash, glitter spray.)
It's a good day to celebrate all that's green.  It begins with the day itself, St. Patrick's Day and that wonderful color of Emerald green.  What a wonderful sight to see green shoots pushing up through the ground.  This next week-end brings the "first day of Spring" which will gives us warmer days and buds popping open.

Let's just not talk "green" let's do more to think and act "green".  With the beginning of this season of new life, in this early part of this new year, let's all try harder to do more to help this earth we are living in.

Even during this National Month of Crafts, we can rethink uses of materials for crafting purposes.  Try looking for earth-friendly products.  Think outside the box of ways to recycle and reuse materials.  Use up what you have before consuming more.  As a crafter, think about making your own reusable shopping bags.  Sew one up from some canvas or denim fabric.  Knit or crochet a bag that can be used for light shopping.  Paint, dye or embellish any of those bags that are hanging around the house collecting dust.  It takes some effort to shop with your own bags but if you check out the sight called reusable bags and see the counter of plastic bags that are used, it may give you an incentive to get away from plastic.

Here's a list of some great pages to check out:
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