Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get Crafting And Share Ideas

"You can have no recipe with art.  If you follow a recipe, you are negating the creative act."  Denise Hare

The month has just begun and it's early enough to get involved with crafting.  This year marks the 16th year of National Craft Month and no matter where you live, you are probably seeing craft retailers celebrating too.  It's estimated that around 63 million households craft each year.  That's a great amount of creativity happening around the country.  Stores are having sales on materials and scheduling classes and in-store demonstrations.  My advice ... If there has been something you have wanted to try, pick up an instruction book or pamphlet for a beginner or find some good books on the subject from your local library. Purchase some materials (on sale) and try it.  If you need help, search out a friend or someone who would be willing to help you learn.  A site that you might want to check out is:
It's a site where you can connect with other crafters about crafting.

Something else that I wish to share is another interactive web TV happening that I have been following for the past several weeks.  It's called "Craft-TasticLIVE" and hosted by Andrea Currie.  I became familiar with Andrea through Facebook while sitting very late one night with my laptop, when a message popped up from a group that I had joined.  It's called the "Insomniacs Craft Club".  While posting messages, we decided to check out our blogs or sites.  So basically from there I became aware of Andrea and tuned into her workshop one Tuesday evening.  She is very creative.  I love the way she shows how she has used what she has on hand for creating tools and her finished designs.  So think about spending an hour on a Tuesday evening.  Her energy for creating her crafts is fantastic!

So now I'm off to create a handmade gift for someone and will share that here once it's complete.
Don't just sit there ... start crafting!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words! Your input and support for Craft-Tastic LIVE has been so inspiring. For those who want to follow along in some Craft-Tastic fun please follow us here: