Monday, November 23, 2009

We Both Forgot Our Special Day

So what do you think about two people who both forgot their anniversary?

Early last week we both had talked about going somewhere special on Monday for lunch because we knew that the week-end would probably be too hectic. Something happened to keep us from doing that. The week progressed and there were several things going on to keep us pretty much at home. Friday was going to be another day to celebrate, with Kevin & Ali closing on their little house, following that up with the closing on a newer residence. Things didn't turn out the way we had all hoped. Some problems arose and the closing was postponed till today. We sit here hoping that all will go much smoother this afternoon. Update later!

Needless to say, Saturday came ... a day that has special significance for us, and we both didn't realize till the afternoon, when things quieted down that it was our anniversary. So we laughed about it and gave each other a kiss for our 39th anniversary.

So next year when we celebrate 40 years of marriage, we can look back on many good times with some bumps in the road that we have been traveling together since that day in November.

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