Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beginning To Think Alot About Christmas

Halloween has just a week ago and I have packed away all decorations that relate to that holiday. There are still a variety of seasonal decorations throughout the house to remind anyone of autumn and Thanksgiving. BUT... just like the kids I am having thoughts and visions of Christmas!

For a several reasons, we will not be hosting the "traditional, annual family Thanksgiving Day dinner at our house this year, but in exchange, we will be hosting Christmas Day instead. In part, I think that is one reason I'm excited. Every room in the house takes on a look and feeling of Christmas.

Today I began by switching out the music CD's and movie tapes and DVD's with the holiday collections that continue to grow each year. A large wicker basket overfilled with holiday periodicals has replaced the usual basket of magazines. A stack of holiday recipe books has found its way onto the coffee table for ideas for baking and entertaining.

Hope to find time tomorrow to begin taking out some of the holiday decorations and organize them by rooms. Looking forward to holiday decorating a little at a time.

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