Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Tradition Continues

The fact that we will not be hosting the traditional family Thanksgiving this year, will not stop us from continuing another family Thanksgiving tradtion ... Cajun Fried Turkey.

This has been something that we have been sharing with the family for many years. It all started some time ago when a former neighbor shared this form of cooking turkey with us. He had created his own homemade fryer. And then shared with the neighbors, the best tasting turkey you could ever have. One year he fried 24 turkeys for a number of people for Thanksgiving. It wasn't long before we had to start doing it ourselves because of the demand for turkey cooked this way.

Each Thanksgiving we would bring a "cajun fried bird" and Mike's sister would provide a "traditional" bird. Funny thing ... each time the fried turkey would completely disappear and the carcass picked cleaned.

So once again this tasty turkey will be shared at tomorrows meal. Can't wait!

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