Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Been Great!

I know that it's been some time since my last post. Wondering what's going on down here in Houston?

So far, so good! It's been very overwhelming for me but a great experience. Let me explain first why I haven't posted till now. For some reason, many places here don't believe in providing free internet service to their patrons. I find that pretty bad service. So finally, after Mike arriving and checking into a hotel just outside the downtown area, there is access. So anyway, let me tell you a little of what's happened.

My two long classes on Monday and Tuesday went very well. Everyone taking them were very interested and enjoyed trying new things and having some fun. When I get home I will share more information about the classes and participants. Thanks to those who attended, you were all great!

For the very first time, I was able to attend Quilt Market and that was a thrill. Because of that I ran into old SCD friends, some new friends and others that I knew by name but never met. The best was seeing all those amazing fabrics that we should be seeing in stores all over the country. It would be like heaven if all the stores could carrying every beautiful fabric that was shown. WOW!

I took a quick peek into the showroom of the quilts on display this year. What I saw was just fantastic. The work that so many around this world do with cloth and thread cannot be described.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Mike and I took a trip to San Antonio for the day. Going there, fulfilled a lifelong dream of his. I found that out on the trip home. He has always wanted to see "the Alamo".

Today we will be heading off to the convention center around noon. I will be doing a two hour"on going" demonstration on metal punching and embossing. We have plans to walk around the area and go to an early dinner. One more three hour class on Friday evening and the last two "Mixed Media" event to go!

The weather here has been HOT & HUMID, not my favorite. The rest of the week is reported to be cooler, in the 70's. Let's hope.


  1. Madeline,
    I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the class on Monday at Quilt Festival *Tag, You're it*. I got to work on my tag book the next morning before classes and am adding things from Festival each day. It was such fun learning about all the new (to me) products you brought to share.
    Thank you - Sherri

  2. Wish I was in Houston with you! Take lots of photos for your next issue of Totally-Creative magazine.
    - Patti Ryan

  3. Madeline- I enjoyed the class very much. Thanks for the fabulous class stuffed full of cool stuff.
    Hope you enjoyed Texas, tasted some barbeque and saw some or fabulous sites Texas has to offer. Every American should make the pilgrimage to the Almo for the ultimate Texas experience- there is nothing like it.