Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Halloween Ideas

I happen to be a fan of the Martha Stewart show. Normally I tape a week's worth of the shows and watch them on Friday nights or anytime before the a new week of shows begin again. The old VCR is acting up and may be on it's last leg. So today I sat down and watched the show and wanted to share some thoughts on it.

Martha does a great job of sharing ideas for the holidays. She does have a wonderful staff of creative people helping with a great many ideas.

Today's show was all about Halloween, but with a theme from the movie "Where the wild things are". Costumes and decorations were all related to "wild things". There was a great buffet set up with interesting recipes for this holiday. Jimmy Fallon was the guest that Martha had share several dishes from the buffet.

I'm posting a link to that segment of the show that was filled with creative ideas for a wild party. Check out Martha's Buffet.

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