Saturday, July 31, 2010

What A Week!

Here I sit ... on the couch, in the family room, with my MacBook on lap wondering where did this week go?  It's been a busy one for sure.  Of course the highlight of the entire week was the arrival of our fourth grandchild!
Miss Zoe Madeline arrived around 2 am on Wednesday, July 28th.  She's a peanut at 7# even and 19" long.  We made a visit to the hospital with her "big sister" Tess to meet her for the first time.  There's nothing like seeing a new baby!!  Zoe is home with her mom, dad, sister and family dog now.  We are very happy to have this sweet baby girl in our lives along with the other grandchildren.
Another love of mine is crafting, so with the CHA Trade Show and Super Show in our area this week, I was in heaven!  I have missed the last two winter shows and last summer's show was moved to Orlando, Florida, so this was a must for me this year.  I found it smaller then the past (smaller) summer shows, but it is always fun to attend.  Most manufacturers release the majority of new products at the winter show, but some have summer releasees also.  What makes this exciting is that I can see wonderful new products that I hope and pray will find their way into stores around the country.  It also gives me ideas for new projects and experiments.
It is also an opportunity to see some familiar faces... creative friends who live around the country, that gather at these shows for teaching, demonstrating, networking and new business opportunities.  Because of pending arrival of little Zoe, I was only able to plan one day at the show.  I tried to make the most of it.  Even small shows can be hard to experience.  Some displays are very large, other small, but they are all usually crammed with so much to look at.  With time constraints, running into friends around every corner, and some "must" things to do,  it's difficult to see it all.  It was still fun and worth the time!
Friday I attended the Super Show with my very talented friend Rebekah. We just wanted to have some fun and see what this show is all about.  This is a show that CHA has added for the consumers and the first time in our area.  We spent several hours there and it was well attended.  (Saturday will probably draw even a larger crowd.)  I like the idea and hope that this will continue and grow.  This is a good way to keep the consumer educated and interested in crafting!

It was quite a week ... now back to creating and loving that new baby!!!

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  1. Zoe is a little cutie pie! So good to see you at the show!