Sunday, July 11, 2010

Collections #2

So since I have been lacking in the "creative" department, which means I haven't been accomplishing much creatively, I thought maybe I would fill-in with some posts about a few of the collections we have around the house.  Then also so thoughts about summer and staying cool and cooking "cool" too.

Here is just one tiny corner of my kitchen.  What better way to utilize a small space but to fill it with a variety of collectables.  An old wobbly step stool is the place to hold an old tin syrup can and cocoa can, a old sifter and a small collection of "kitchen" related books.  On a small corner shelf above sits and old "fiesta-like" pitcher, a copy of an old recipe book that belonged to my mother, titled "Practical Recipes for the Housewife".  Other items that are part of my corner "kitchen" collection is another small tin sifter. a rolling pin, tin grater, coffee grinder that belonged to a late relative, a repainted washboard and small bric-a-brac.

Just one little corner of my world! It's so much fun to collect things, but I must be able to find a way to show them off.

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