Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Where Has The Time Gone?

So a tad more than a week has gone by since my last post and I'm just stunned!  Other than baby sitting, visits with friends, Tech guy installing U-verse, hair appointment and a family wedding ... what's going on?

Life will be getting slightly more hectic in the next few weeks, so I have decided to enjoy all the quiet, "nothing to do" moments that come my way.  We are beginning "baby watch" this week!  I have a number of new sewing jobs to begin for a number of people.  Looking forward to spending a day at the big craft trade show (CHA) coming to town very soon and the new consumer show that follows with my very creative friend Rebekah Meier.  We thought it was about time to just play around and have some fun!

Work needs to begin on a surprise for my mother-in-law.  A gift that will be presented to her at a dinner to celebrate her 90th birthday.  The entire family and a few relatives and friends will gather over Labor Day week-end at a small resort in Wisconsin for a week-end of fun and memories.

Lots of things going on here and will remain that way for some time.  Lots of my projects "on hold".  Whoever said being home is boring?  I just never seem to figure that out ... nothing boring here!

So with all the unfinished projects that I have in my workroom, I'm going to continue to share some other things here on my blog.  Today it is a piece I made a while back from a old pocket watch that I finally found at a flea market that wasn't "over priced".  Sharing it here makes me want to go through the stash of other fun pieces that I have collected and "get creative".
After taking the watch apart, I added a tiny photo of myself as a small girl.  My initial "M" and spelled out L-I-F-E and added words of what I want from my life ... to embrace it, explore it and discover myself.

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