Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking Green Again

The outside is still looking mostly white but I'm thinking green once again.  With the organizing that is going on here, I'm finding  several things that are no longer needed.  So what becomes of unused items?
There is no way that they will be placed in the garbage.  It will be donated to resale shops in the area.  When I get to the clothes, those will go to a charity or shelter were they are needed.

I have some across a couple of things that I wish to share with others visiting this blog.  The first is a website called "reusable".  The site does sell things but I have been found several other interesting items to read throughout the site.  There is also a blog, there is a facebook page that you can join   and a newletter to sign up for that also sends "green" info.  If everyone would do something, anything, small or large to recycle or reuse, it would be a little step to help this world.

After finishing my organizing, I plan to take several of the reusable bags that I have accumulated and redo them.  We already use reusable green bags for our grocery shopping.  It will be fun to be creative and restyle the bags for other purposes.

Another find that I came across a while ago was a magazine called "MARY JANE'S FARM", the Everyday Organic Lifestyle™ magazine. It is published bi-monthly and found it at Barnes & Noble.  It also has four blogs to follow. Check it out either online or find it and page through it. The link to the website is:

One more thing to mention is a fun book that I checked out of the library the other day.  It's called
 "eco craft ... recycle - recraft - restyle" by Susan Wasinger.  It has some great eco-friendly projects.  There are several that I would love to try.

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