Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Changes

IF,  you have been checking out this blog in the past week you may have been a bit confused.  I have been playing around with making changes.  I've changed backgrounds and tried adding some new gadgets.  Needless to say, I haven't made up my mind yet in what I want.

After looking over several blogs, both new and old ones, I've seen some things I like on others but they don't seem to work for me.  So I'll continue to work on this.  I want an easy to read look plus an inviting look, and I hope to reach more people with a varied context to my blog posts.  Please mention my blog to others you know and have them check it out.  Leave comments and make suggestions.

People who know me, do know that I love making things and to decorate, so hopefully this new year will have more posts on such things.

Actually I have several ideas on a list to begin.  I am about complete with the closet cleaning, and my plan is to complete the packing of all things Christmas this week-end.  Then next week I can begin anew with working on ideas.

Some of my ideas:
     1.  To get together a list of class ideas for teaching here in my
          workroom and start getting the word out.
     2.  Sew a little each day.  I need to get caught up with quilt tops for our
          group and for my own use.
     3.  Begin working on the counters tops in my workroom.  I've decided to
          collage the white tops, then stamp and embellish them before
          coating with several coats of varnish (still deciding on what type
          to use).  Areas will be covered with glass for added protection.
     4.  More sewing for the family: curtains mainly

     5.  Get together some finished projects for something that I've
          put off long enough ...
          two ideas for other books.
 More later ...

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