Friday, January 8, 2010


It's a busy time around here ... it's time for organizing!  It seems that come January every magazine has an article about "organization".  The newspapers are running articles about it too and have seen several segments on television programs on the subject also.  I guess it's the whole "new year - new start" thing!

My plan is to spend more then a month working at this.  The process will start with getting all our holiday "stuff" put away first.  BUT, by doing this it is forcing me to organize the whole area where these things are stored.  That will actually be very good.  The entire storage area will be gone through.  Any leftovers from the children will be moved out.  (They all have homes now and will have to store their own stuff!)

Once this area is complete, my plan is to move on to each closet.  Their not too bad, but I feel it's time to go through and clean out non used things and just reorganize.  Next I want to move on to my workroom once again.  It really is in pretty good shape.  I make huge messes while working on several things at one time, but do a fairly good job of putting things back before starting the whole process over again.  I think that is one of the most important things to do when your work!

I think I will make this whole "organizing" idea a years project.  As I go along, I may be able to share some thoughts and ideas with you.  I believe there is a saying, "A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN IT'S PLACE".  We'll see how that goes!

Just some ideas to check out:  If you are near a Container Store, go in and look around.  It is an amazing place to get ideas for storage.  If you are lucky enough to have an IKEA store in your area, that is another one to just walk around in and look for ideas.  Even within the room settings you'll find many storage ideas.  Think outside the box for storage ideas.  If an object is made to hold something, it may make a great organizing item.

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