Monday, September 14, 2009

Creating With Nature

A friend of mine has a beautiful yard that has specifically been designed to attract wildlife. She has trellis's made from twigs and branches, a rain barrel to collect the rain water, a waterfall fountain for that tranquil sound, art sculptures made from recycled items, feeders, and bird baths.

One of the projects that she shared with me is a bird bath, cast using found naturals. When she mentioned that she would be making another while up north this week, I wanted to try my hand at creating something too.

For my first attempt, I'm pretty happy. I used a variety of leaves from maples and birches, plus evergreen boughs and fern fronds. I would love to make another and try some other naturals in the casting. I like the rustic look of the basin. So I used a chisel and hammer to carefully break off the rounded edges. It will be placed on some rocks in the flower bed near the bird feeder for the birds to enjoy. When I finally get it in place I will post a photo.

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