Monday, March 2, 2015

Designer Craft Connection - Crafting for National Craft Month

March marks National Craft Month!!!  This month we will be sharing ideas, tips and recreating projects that we have seen somewhere and always wanted to try.

I have many, many "saved" ideas in my files with hopes of someday getting time to try them.  With the creation of Pinterest, another way was presented, to find and save so many wonderful ideas.  One of the pinboards that I created is "Projects to Try"and there is where my ideas came from.

These projects use one of my favorites - fabric!  The  links for the "pins" for both the braided necklace and the wire wrapped bangles are found here:
     Fabric Scrap Necklace
     Fabric Wrapped Bracelets
Each of these links give some instructions and visuals to follow also. I took liberties with the instructions to make the necklace and bangle bracelets suit my taste.

This simple, light jewelry can be made from scraps of fabrics in any color combinations you would like.  Colorful combinations would be fun for summertime accessories on solid colored tops or dresses.

I chose left over fabric scraps from a recent quilting project.  To make the braids for the necklace, tear the fabric into 1" strips.  If the pieces need to be longer, knot two strips together before braiding.  NOTE: The knots become part of the braid.  Use safety pins to hold the three strips together to help make the braiding easier.  Three various lengths of braids create the necklace.

To cover the area where the layers of braids are sewn together on one side,  use a small piece of contrasting fabric and sew to cover.  On the opposite side, create an embellishment of your choice to cover this spot. Two fabric flowers and leaves are made to be attached to this area.

After completing the necklace it only made sense to continue by making some easy bangle bracelets.  Heavy gauge wire, fabric strips and a little glue are all that's needed. Tear the fabrics into 1" strips.  Start wrapping the fabric around the wire bangle.  NOTE: Glue the end of the strip to the wire, overlapping the fabric to itself at the end.  Continue to wrap around the wire bangle till the end of the strip.  Glue the end onto the wrapped fabric to hold.  NOTE: Use inexpensive metal or plastic bangles if available.

While trying to decide just what I would be sharing in this post,  and the going over some of my Pinterest pin boards for ideas, I have become inspired to try several more ideas and what better time then now - National Craft Month!

Now take some time to check out the other designers post, just use the Designer Craft Connection  button located in the right sidebar to see other ideas, tips and a giveaway.

This "crafty" month will bring another manufacturer challenge from Connie Crystal so check back!


  1. What fun ideas! I think I'll try these when my grand-girls visit!

    1. I know - even for an idea for a girls party or sleepover. Just the braids alone would work and maybe add a cute pin or a ready-made a flower.